(A) Procedure followed by the Regional Committees in grant of recognition to an institution for conducting a teacher training programme :

  • The applications submitted by the institutions seeking grant of recognition for starting teacher education courses from a particular academic session are first scrutinized by the offices of the Regional Committees with regard to essential documents.
  • The institutions whose applications are found deficient are intimated of the deficiencies for removal.
  • The applications which are complete in all respects are taken up for further processing.
  • Before grant of recognition, teams of experts are constituted to inspect the institutions for the purpose of verifying whether the institutions fulfil all the requirements under the provisions of NCTE Act, Rules and Regulations including norms and standards for the particular teacher training programme.
  • The institutions concerned are informed of the visit of the teams of experts.
  • The teams of experts after inspection of the institution submit their reports to the offices of the Regional Committees.
  • A meeting of the Regional Committee is convened and the cases are considered by the Regional Committee on the basis of the information furnished by the institutions in the applications and also the reports of the visiting team.
  • If the Regional Committee is satisfied that the institutions fulfil all the requirements under the provisions of the NCTE Act, NCTE Rules and Regulations then it grants recognition to the institutions for conducting the teacher training programme for which they have applied for, otherwise a notice is issued to the institution to provide a reasonable opportunity to the institution concerned for making a written representation.
  • After approval by the Regional Committee formal orders granting recognition to institution for starting/ conducting teacher education course are issued and also published in the Gazette of India.
  • Procedure followed in the disposal of appeals preferred by aggrieved institutions.

As per provisions under Section 18 of the NCTE Act, 1993 any person aggrieved by an order made under Section 14 or Section 15 or Section 17 of the Act may prefer an appeal to the Council. The following procedure is adopted in disposal of the appeals preferred by the aggrieved institutions :-

  • The Council has authorized the Chairperson, NCTE for taking final decisions on the appeals preferred by the aggrieved institutions.
  • For this, the Chairperson, NCTE is assisted by an Appeal Committee.
  • After receipt of the appeals from the aggrieved institutions, comments of the Regional Committee concerned are obtained on the cases.
  • A date for the meeting of the Appeal Committee to consider the appeals is fixed and the appellants are asked to present their cases by making oral / written submissions and furnishing of documentary evidences, etc. before the Appeal Committee.
  • After perusal of the appeals, the documents furnished with the appeals, comments of the Regional Committees and the submissions made by the appellants, the Appeal Committee makes its recommendations for upholding the appeals or rejecting the appeals or remanding back of the cases, to the Regional Committees concerned for further consideration.
  • The recommendations of the Appeal Committee are then put up to the Chairperson, NCTE for acceptance/ approval.
  • After approval by the Chairperson, NCTE to the recommendations of the Appeal Committee, formal orders are issued by the NCTE Hqrs.
  • Thereafter the Regional Committees of NCTE take appropriate action on the orders of the Appellate Authority.
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